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Mini Color Sorter Machine

A Mini color sorter machine is a small-scale automated device designed to sort objects based on their color. It typically utilizes various Technologies, including Sensors, Cameras, and Mechanical sorting mechanisms, to perform its sorting tasks very Efficiently & Effectively.


Here's a General Overview of How Our Mark mini color sorter machine Works:


1. Input: Objects to be sorted are placed in the input hopper or tray of the machine. These objects can be anything that needs sorting based on their color, such as Rice, Wheats, Grains, Dals, Nuts, or Any small industrial parts which require sorting.


2. Color Detection: The machine uses sensors or cameras to detect the color of each object as it passes through the sorting area. Our Advanced AI machines use computer vision techniques to precisely identify colors and distinguish subtle differences from the streamline Food process.


3. Data Processing: The color information is processed by the Artificial Intelligence machine's control system, which interprets the Data Algorithms and decides how to sort each object based on the pre-programmed criteria.


4. Sorting Mechanism: The machine is equipped with a sorting mechanism, often using mechanical ejectors or air jets, which separate the objects based on their colors. Objects of a particular color are directed to different output chutes or containers.


5. Output: The sorted objects are collected in their respective EXIT section, and the process continues until all the objects have been fully sorted.

Mini color sorter machines are commonly used in Small-scale production lines, Agriculture Industries, Food Processors, Research Center, Mills, or Agri projects where automated color sorting is required, but a Full-scale industrial-color sorting machine may be excessive.

Our Mark Mini Color Sorter Machine is especially designed for High Accurate Sorting and Enhance the Productivity within a short period of time. Our machines are used by Artificial Intelligence Technology which gives maximum accurate sorting capacity for long life.

Our Excellence Mini Sorting Machines For: Rice color sorter, Wheat color sorter, Grains color sorter, Nuts color sorter, Dal color sorter, seeds color sorter, beans color sorter, Tea color sorter, Coffee beans color sorter, Black or White chickpeas color sorter, Plastic Chips & Flakes color sorter, Minerals color sorter & etc.

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