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Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. (mark color sorter) is offering a collection of newly launched sorting machines in types of Bichromatic, and Trichromatic. As the manufacturer, exporter, supplier in this field of work, we are moving towards new steps of the ladder in the industrial production; with integration of high capacity fabrication plants and collaborative research facility. Owing to incorporation of latest processing solutions into our working procedures, we are providing application specific and tailor-made machines. In our series of newly launched sorting machines, we deliver plants for different types of grains, rice, cereals, grass seeds, garden seeds and many others. All the machinery incorporates fresh ideas and technology, allowing it to work efficiently in all climatic conditions. Mark Color Sorters are used for assorted products, with specific setting of sorting program integrated in the internal software. These machinery plants have an efficacious remote control system through which anomalies of the machines can be solved / handled in the real time.
If you are looking for the collection of rice color sorter machines, then look no further. We are Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. (mark color sorter), an illustrious manufacturer, exporter and supplier of these machines for all types of rice such as raw, double boiled, ponni, half boiled, deluxe, and basmati. The standard and common features of this collection are LCD touch screen interface, high performance chutes, self tuning vibrator, and mild steel ejector valves. Our machines are in high demand as in todays' competitive market, highest quality grains are the only requirement and consumers are willing to pay extra for best quality. In line with this, we implement fast-progressing and revolutionary technologies in the fabrication of best rice color sorter. These not only have better quality, but these also have less operational cost. We follow precision measures to ensure high degree of accuracy in our machines. The sorting process is done on the basis of inbuilt software which makes the entire process accurate, smooth, faster, versatile and operator-friendly.
We, at Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Strive to attain a remarkable level of success. Thus, we take exhaustive measures to make sure that our team works towards the same. Having years of experience under our wing, we have understood the varying needs of the clients and are catering to the same with sheer dedication and diligence. Having a spacious infrastructural unit, our company has procured a range of world-class machinery for the production of our products. Promech is happy to present you with the new “Trendz Color Sorter”. By incorporating the amazing technology of advance optics and highly accurate visual recognition software, you can maximize the purity and thus place only the highest quality products into your packaging. Thanks to their Mobile and Internet control accessibility, our company is known as the most innovative, technologically advanced Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter, who aim at providing machinery which deliver extremely accurate results in a timely demeanor.
With an aim of catering to the various needs of the clients in a dedicated and efficient manner, we at Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Are offering a top of the line range of Peanut Color Sorters. These offered machine are widely used for sorting groundnuts without breaking and without hampering it's quality and taste. Manufactured using the most high-precision equipments, these items provided by us have a robust built. Coming with a spectacular design, our color sorter is known for their low energy-consumption Thanks to the low maintenance level, our products are widely appreciated as they offer a great level of convenience and hassle-free usage to the customer. Having conducted vigorous tests and checks on each and every machine, our company assures you about their excelling quality and high reliability. With a long lasting durability, these are widely chosen across the globe, thus making us a prominent Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in the market..
Being a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter by nature, we live up to our name by providing a range of products known across the globe for their unparalleled quality. Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Has come up with their new range of Wheat Color Sorting Machines. A unique piece of equipment, this has a ergonomic design and delivers high-performances with every use. Manufactured using leading edge technology, these heavy-duty equipments are ideal for removing impurities and insect damage grains. Equipped with an LCD Touch Screen Interface, their menus have been designed in such a way that if offers a hassle-free, simple functioning for the user. Due to their high performance chutes, these products deliver extremely accurate and efficient results within a stipulated time frame. We also cater to various customized needs of the clients in a efficient manner, thus ensuring that their requirements are handled and supplied to them with a level of perfection.
Known as one of the most trusted and reliable providers of various food processing machines, we are constantly delivering high-powered machines of excelling quality to our clients. Launching a new series of “Pulses Color Sorter”, these machines are known across the globe for their low energy consumption and great stability. Manufactured using a range of top of the line infrastructure, our products have a low level maintenance thus offering a great deal of convenience to the user. Their highly concise touch panel helps customer operate easily. Having an advanced and reasonable optics design, these equipments guarantees accurate sorting. Backed by a team of professionals, we conduct stringent checks and tests on such machines to make sure that our customers get nothing less than a world-class product. Our dedication and perseverance thus allows us to be a top Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in nature, with our products widely chosen across the globe for their exceeding efficiency..
Having a tremendous amount of expertise in the field of food sorting machines, Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Has created a niche for itself in the market. We now offer a new range of Seed Color Sorters, which have a high degree of accuracy and deliver high performances with every use. Thanks to their humanized operation interface, these machines provide a sense of ease and comfort to the operator. We strive to attain a top position in the market, within the next few years and thus work with sheer diligence to live up to the same. Using the most high precision machinery for their manufacture, helps us in providing a top of the line range of equipments in the market, thus making us a leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter. Due to their high-tech production, they have a great durability which makes them the most reliable product in it's line of machinery.
Being a top giant in the manufacturing industry, we are known as a highly reliable Supplier, Exporter and Manufacturer in today's market. Using the most advanced technology for their production. We make sure that every aspect of our production process is a world-class one. Following stringent policies, our company makes sure that we follow all the market norms set by the industry. Factory-made using the most high-grade machinery, we offer you a spectacular range of “Moong Dal Color Sorter”. These products of ours deliver high performances with every use due to their 5000x2 Pixel BI-Chromatic CCD Color Camera Double Side feature. Being the first firm to use this camera technology, it's signal processing algorithm combined identifies even the most microscopic color differences and dots among seeds. With an aim of attaining great levels of satisfaction through our respected customers, we offer reliable after-sales services which have been trusted across the globe by many.
Catering to the various needs of the clients in an excelling manner, we have now come up with a new range of “Cashewnuts Color Sorter”. Having an unparalleled quality factor, these equipments have a slight edge over other similar products in it's line due to it's first-class stainless steel, waterproof grade built. A leading Manufacturer, Supplier and Trader in the market, our products are widely chosen for their high-performance levels and great accuracy. Their scan color CCD sensor and Lens makes it easy to recognize minute differences, which are smaller than 0.01 mm². Backed by a team of diligent experts, our company conducts regular checks and tests to ensure that every products meets the required international standards, thus exceeding the clients expectations by many folds. Our company aims at yielding the best results from it's range of high-tech machinery, thus keep on carrying out regular maintenance checks in order to make sure that they work to their optimum levels at all times.
Having an innovative team of professionals, Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Is a prominent player in the field of sorter machines. A Manufacturer, Supplier, Exporter in nature, we now present to you our newly manufactured “Raisin Color Sorter” machine. Having an intriguing design., these equipments have been finely tuned to cater to your needs in a timely manner, without affecting the quality of out raisins. Using the most robust and premium-grad raw materials for their production, these machines consume low levels of electricity, which is why they are widely chosen across the globe. Their user friendly interface allows the operator a level of convenience and ease. Having years of experience, we have produced these machines on the basis of the varying requirements of the clients, thus getting in tune with their satisfaction levels in a perfect manner. Offered at competitive prices, our range of equipments have a long service life, thus making them one of the most reliable items in their line of machines.
A trusted Manufacturer, Supplier and Exporter in nature, Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Has created a niche for itself in the market by providing a sophisticated range of machinery. Among the various equipments offered by us, we now put across the excellent range of “Peanut Color Sorter”. Having a spacious infrastructural unit, our company fabricates these equipments using the most high-tech machines. Calibrated according to the international market standards, we strive to provide the clients with a highly accurate and trusted range of products. Integrated with a hassle-free interface and a advanced internal software, these machines will deliver high performances as per your command. Having a team of highly-qualified professionals, our company strive to make sure that every aspect of production is a flawless one. We are also upgrade and maintain these machines regular intervals, so as to ensure that they work in to their optimum levels at all times, thus exceeding the satisfaction levels of the clients.
Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. Has created a phenomenal mark in the industry through it's high-tech range of sorting equipments. Having years of experience and a vast degree of knowledge, we are known to have been constantly catering to the needs of the clients in a dedicated and efficient manner. Our new “Coffee Color Sorter” series is a unique piece of machinery. Manufactured using a range of top of the line equipments, these products have a robust built. Thanks to our team innovative minds, we have provided a unique design to each of these machines thus allowing them to work at a much faster rate, that too with at great performance degree. Thanks to their low maintenance levels, they are widely chosen amongst a number of food industries. Our quality-driven working structures assures the clients about the world-class products offered by us, which reflects the company's perseverance and dedication in a great manner.
We, Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. are one of the supreme manufacturers, exporters and suppliers of India which hold expertise in producing top quality Cereals Color Sorter. As the name suggests, this particular machine is generally used in the food industry for cereal grain color sorting applications. Available in several output, sorting accuracy, voltage, air pressure, weight, dimensions etc. our sorting machine is used to sort and separate cereals in the best suited manner. To provide competitive machine to the customers, we have incorporated imported sensor having the ability to detect even the little defects. Due to this feature, the users can easily evaluate every single grain with high level of accuracy & efficiency. Installed with adaptive temperature control fan, this sorter is capable enough to work in high temperature environment. Demand of our Cereals Color Sorter is increasing rapidly in the national as well international markets owing to its low maintenance cost, hassle free functioning, longer functional life, user friendly operating interface, modular design and easy manipulation.
Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a professional manufacturer, exporter and supplier which is specialized in producing high performance Tea Color Sorter machine. By considering the diverse requirements of the market, we are offering Tea Sorter in various sizes, dimensions, capacity, operating speed, sorting accuracy, weight, resolution, voltage, output, air pressure and design. Installed with superior quality components, our Tea Color Sorter is appreciated for its high resolution CCD camera, high quality ejector, real time monitoring system, long lasting LED lighting source and high capacity. Due to the simple operations, flexible mode and energy efficient nature, this machine is widely used in the factories for sorting tea leaves in accordance to their colors and shapes. The world class optics with high definition sensor easily identifies subtle colors and minimal defects of the tea leaves. The high speed parallel data processing chip and real time efficient image processing system increase the accuracy of the offered Tea Color Sorter. Unique double layer belt type design of our Tea Sorters can easily finish all the processing procedures and quick to install in the factories.
Having expertise in the field of Color Sorting Machine, Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a well known manufacturer, exporter and supplier in the food industry. Color Sorting Machine is also known as digital sorters, electronic color sorters and optical sorters. Available in various types such as Color Sorting Machine, Rice Color Sorting Machine, Basmati Rice Sorting Machine, Steam Rice Color Sorting Machine, Raw Rice Sorting Machine, Cashew Nuts Color Sorting Machine etc., all these machines are meeting the diversified sorting requirements of the companies. In the food processing factories, various type of material like grains, cereals, raw rice etc. are passed through these machines so to separate the items by detecting the colors. By optimally utilizing the mechanical & pneumatic ejection devices, the users can easily eliminate the item that do not fall within the acceptable color range. Color Sorting Machine is mostly used for sorting the discolored and toxic agricultural products by using latest sorting technology.
Promech Industries Pvt. Ltd. is a well acknowledged manufacturer, exporter and supplier which has got specialization in producing world class Color Sorter Machine. Fabricated in accordance to the international quality standards, our sorting machines are preferred for their easy maintenance, excellent scanning speed and minimum operating cost. Integrated with advance technology and latest components, the Sorter Machines are widely used in the rice mills, food processing plants and other application areas. Keeping in mind the different industrial requirements and variegated market demands, we are offering the Color Sorter Machine in various models such as Peanut Color Sorter Machine, Sesame Color Sorter Machine, Magaj Sorter Machine, Kismis Color Sorter Machine, Rice Color Sorter Machine etc. All these machines are installed with advance sorting technology,high resolution camera, image processing mechanism, touch screen system with multi language facility and high frequency ejector which provides better rejection output. Some of the characteristics that defines our Sorters includes superb sorting function, high concentrated rejection ratio, easy maintenance, easy to operate, remarkable scanning speed and high production capacity.